Thank you for your interest in the Suzanne Myers Jewelry name necklace. Here are some answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Where are the choices for the chain, stones, and borders for my charms?

A: The chain/stone/border links are located on the "style choices" page of my website. 


Q: I see that there are two clasps offered. I'd love more information about them.

A: The s-hook clasp is created by me. In order to close it, just give it a little pinch. The lobster-claw clasp is not handmade by me, but it's very sturdy and attractive.


Q: How large are the stones?

A: All of the stones that I use for the name charm necklaces range in size between 5-7 millimeters…about the size of a small pea.


Q: Do you offer birthstone choices?

A: I do not offer any birthstones other than ones that happen to be in my stone selection page.


Q: I’d like my chain to be longer than the 17 inches that you offer. What is the cost?

A: I charge $2.00 for each additional inch of chain.


Q: May I have the back of my charms stamped with birthdates?

A: I don’t stamp the backs because the stamping process leaves a slight indentation that would mar the front.


Q: How do you suggest hanging the name charms on the necklace?

A: Many people like to put the charms in birth order; if you would like to do that, just let me know when you email your order. Please list the order in which you would like your charms hanging from left to right. Because the charms are not fixed on the chain, they shift around with movement, so at any given time one of the charms will be “on top.”


Q: May I order an additional name charm for my Suzanne Myers Jewelry necklace at a later date?

A: Absolutely! Each additional charm costs $45.00 plus shipping. Additional stones are $10.00. Please email your request to, and I’ll send you the shipping info needed for you to return your necklace to me so that I might add your new charm. Customers have asked if I can create and ship them an additional charm without them having to send their necklace back. I am unable to do this because I do not use pre-cut discs or a template when creating the charms. My charms vary quite a bit from necklace to necklace so I need to have your necklace in front of me to create a new charm suitable in scale to your existing ones.


Q: May I purchase just the charms or just a chain?

A: No, I don’t sell loose charms or chains.  I only sell complete necklaces and only add additional charms to Suzanne Myers Jewelry name charm necklaces.


Q: I am purchasing this necklace as a gift. May I include a card?

A: Absolutely! When you email your order to me, please let me know what you would like for the card to say. I will use my best Palmer method handwriting!


Q: Mother's Day is tomorrow. I meant to order her a necklace but forgot to.

A: I am happy to email a customized gift card to you to print out. 


Q: What is your repair policy?

A: If any part of your necklace should break within the 1st 90 days of purchase, please email me, and I will give you instructions for mailing back your necklace as it will be repaired free of charge. After the 90 days, chain repair is $20.


Q: How many charms can the necklace hold?

A: It really depends on the customer. I have put up to seven name charms on a necklace. The necklace does tend to get a bit “chunkier” the more charms that are added, but that can be part of the beauty!


Q: What metal do you use, does it tarnish, and how do I care for my necklace?

A: The metal that I use is sterling silver, and it will eventually tarnish. I recommend using a polishing cloth for periodic cleanings and a paste polish such as Wright’s or Twinkle for a heavier cleaning. Avoid the liquid “dips” that are on the market – they will remove the oxidation that makes the names and embellishments dark and may damage the stones. I don’t recommend wearing your necklace in pools or hot tubs. The chemicals in them will damage the finish and stones. Also know that body chemistry, perfumes, and lotions will also cause tarnish.


Q: Do you offer the charms in gold?

A: Not at this time. Currently, I only create the charms in sterling silver.


Q: I see that you use Paypal. I do not have an account with them.

A: No problem! Paypal accepts any major credit card and does not require an account for that. To use a major credit card, simply follow the link to "Pay invoice now."


Q: Do you ship to addresses outside of the United States?

A: Yes, I ship outside the United States. An additional shipping charge may apply.


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