At times I love hanging around watching my son in his group tennis lesson, but often times I find myself wishing I had magical powers and could teleport myself to my couch at home. It was during one of those  times that I found myself gazing up at the ceiling, where a nicely hinged door closer caught my eye.

Right away, I knew that I would enjoy creating a necklace from a series of these hinged shapes and was momentarily thankful that I was not zoned out on the couch.

Back at my studio, I set to work creating three hinged pieces to connect for my necklace.  What resulted seemed to be an angry marriage of a clown collar and, well, three door closers strung together. Not pretty.

As much as I wish it were so, it's far from peace, love, and Cat Stevens music in my studio, and sometimes I'd like to hurl my saw against the wall when things don't work out. But today, I didn't.

I dismantled the necklace and spent a few moments trying to re-imagine what I could do with these pieces. I decided to drill larger holes in the sides of two of the pieces and thread through some oxidized chain, thinking that this would both soften the pointed ends yet highlight the edginess of them as the pieces morphed into long, dangly earring.

Success! I was thankful I hadn't scrapped the whole thing. 

I'm always reminded that most times, if you just push through when things become a mess, you'll generally get something much better. These earrings are $110.

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