Martin Houses

My favorite way to start the morning is with a hike in Warner Park. It's such a beautiful place, and its peacefulness readies me for a productive day. Yesterday, as I was walking through the sweeping field that leads to my favorite trail, the martin houses caught my eye. 

martin houses.JPG

I love the sculptural forms of each house and the way they're all connected with metal spokes. The houses made me think of some rough faceted mother-of-pearl that I had just purchased, so I was anxious to get back to my studio and flesh this one out.

I began the piece by employing a method that I often use to create little gemstone clusters. I wired each piece of mother-of-pearl and then configured the stones on a longer sterling wire to create a wonderfully knobby pendant. 


This technique was a great way to capture the spokes connecting the houses. I then formed three silver "wings" and soldered them together.  I wanted to incorporate the curved ridge crowning each opening and in the process capture the feeling of flight. Lastly, I attached the pendant and slid the piece on a flat sterling curb chain, one of my favorites, as it lays nicely against the skin. 

Admittedly, this interpretation is a bit abstract, but I love where the photo took me. This piece is $135.00