Welcome to my first blog post!

I have come up with an idea that will allow me to share my creative process with all of you as well as provide a little window into the world of metal work and design. 

Each week, I will snap a picture of something in my life that strikes me as interesting. This weekly photo will serve as a challenge for me to create a piece of jewelry inspired by that photo. I'll write a bit about the process from photo to finished piece, and of course, show both of the pictures. I'm interested to see where this will take me. 

OK. Here goes. I decided that the first picture had to be something in my studio.

The back of my office chair! 



Well, that was easy. Sort of.

I love elements of industrial design and the brace on the back of this chair has a cool structure and flow. I began to hammer and shape the silver into a literal interpretation, thinking it would be cool to form a little silver piece that would resemble the top metal back of the chair, thus forming a pendant necklace. 

Well, that first attempt went into the scrap pile as it was much too clunky.

For my second try, I decided to make a mirror image of the chair brace in order to create links for a bracelet. A full bracelet of these links was a bit much, so I settled on using two of them attached to an oxidized (chemically darkened) chain and a piece of chunky, natural pyrite to keep with the industrial feel of the chair.

Oh dear. Does this even make sense?


Well, I hope you find this more interesting than anyone in my family! Please check back each week to find out what’s new and where it takes me. You can also subscribe in the form at the top of the page so you can get an email when I add a new post.

I’ll also offer each week’s piece for sale. This bracelet is $125.

Thank you for your time and know that I always love to hear from you!